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History of St. Jane Church



Pictures of St. Jane Church:


Front of Church 

Back of Church

(Entrance to Parish Office)


Our Lady of Knock


Gathering Space


Inside of Church



It is where Mass is celebrated.



The Blessed Mother Mary on the left and St. John on the right.

INRI stands for this in Latin:
Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeorum
Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews


Inside of Church


Inside of Church


Inside of Church


Baptismal Font

The water of Baptism cleans us of sin and makes us new.
At Baptism we become part of the Church.
We bless ourselves with the Sign of the Cross with

the water from the Baptismal Font.  
This reminds us of our baptism.


Paschal Candle and Baptismal Font

The Paschal candle is blessed at the Easter Vigil every year
and is used during Baptisms and Funerals.
It reminds us that Jesus is the Light of the World and 
through our Baptism we are called to share His light with the world.



Here is the altar, also called, “The Table of the Lord.”
It is on this table that the bread & wine
become the body and blood of Jesus.



The Blessed Sacrament, Jesus Himself, is reverently placed
on the altar for everyone to adore in adoration.
Eucharistic Adoration happens at St. Jane Parish on 
Tuesdays from after the 8:15a.m. Mass until 9:00p.m.
and on 1st Fridays from after the 8:15a.m. Mass until Midnight.



The Mass readings from the Bible are read at the Ambo.


Facts on the Four Gospels (Image Above)

Gospel of Mark:
Symbol is the Lion (begins in the wilderness where wild beasts reside).
The Gospel of Mark was written in Rome around 65-70 AD and the intended audience was gentile converts in Rome.
Mark's image of Jesus was the fulfillment on the suffering servant and Son of Man prophecies. 

Gospel of Matthew:
Symbol is a Man (Gospel with the genealogy and birth of Christ).
The Gospel of Matthew was written in Antioch around 85 AD and the intended audience was Jewish converts in Palestine.
Matthew's image of Jesus was the New Moses, fulfillment of Scripture as Messiah.

Gospel of Luke:
Symbol is a Calf (Gospel begins with the sacrifice of Zechariah). 
The Gospel of Luke was written in Greece around 70-90 AD and the intended audience was Greek converts in Achaea (Greece). 
Luke's image of Jesus was a New Adam, human savior, center of history.

Gospel of John:
Symbol is an Eagle (Gospel begins with the pre-existence of the Logos [Word]). 
The Gospel of John was written in Ephesus around 90-100 AD and the intended audience was Greek converts in Ephesus.
John's image of Jesus was Jesus as the Son of God and Logos. 



The Sacrament of Reconciliation is given here.
The Confessional is found in the main church.
Confessions are held Saturdays from 3:45p.m. until 4:45p.m. or by appointment.

Click here for information on How to Go to Confession




St. Joseph Statue


Blessed Mother Statue



Daily Mass is celebrated in the chapel.


Parish Library

Open on Tuesdays during Eucharistic Adoration and weekend Masses.


St. Jane Frances de Chantal Statue

St. Jane Bottom
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